Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Impregnation of the Wood 

What is impregnation?

The introduction of chemical substances into wood in order to improve its characteristics and impart new properties. 
                                     In every day life Impregnated timber is used for:
          • electricity and telephone poles
          • railway sleepers, crossings and bridge timbers
          • industrial cooling towers
          • snow fences
          • landing stages, jetties and lake and sea embankments
          • palisades and fences
          • stakes for fruit and wine-growing
          • playground equipment, carports and pergolas
          • and any purpose for which timber is exposed to the effects of the weather.

Why is the impregnation needed for constructional timber? 
  • Impregnation stabilizes dimensions, 
  • Increases strength and resistance to water, moisture, and chemicals
  • Reduces cracking
The most common methods of impregnation employ: 
  • Antiseptics, which ensure protection against wood rot and other forms of biological deterioration, 
  • Fire retardants, which prevent wood from catching fire and burning.

All the wooden elements of the construction manufactured by Frame House could be treated with a special impregnation.
We offer high quality protection for your house!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Benefits of houses built by our technology 

  1. Low energy consumption. Frame house built with our technology would require 3 - 5 times less expenses on heating.
  2. Ecology. All materials used for our construction are human friendly.
  3. Strength and reliabilityAs far as there are many Wooden Frame Houses made with a incorrect technology on the market (like Chinese ones), some people think that Wooden frame construction is not reliable. But indeed a properly made wooden frame (German technology) is very strong and reliable. Properly montage and finished would stay more than 100 years. Moreover, in cases of earth quakes or damage of foundation wooden frame houses would stay, but the stone house could be cracked.
  4. Building cost. For the wooden frame house construction you require less expense for foundation – SAVE money on foundation. Moreover, there are types of soil where only the wooden frame house can be built, as far as some soils can’t bear the stone house.As far as using our technology you get the house kit with already prefabricated walls, it would take only 3-5 days to assemble average house. – SAVE money on assembling
  5. Custom project. With our technology you would be able to realize custom houses, which are not possible to realize with traditional stone building.Using our approach, we solve all issues which raise during conversion the architect ideas in real technical decisions at the stage of technical design process. The solving of this issues is already included in the price of our construction. But in case of traditional building, all this issues rise suddenly in the middle of building process and lead to waste of time and huge extra expenses.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Do you wish to build a perfect house?

Do you want to build environmentally friendly and energy efficient house?

Do you already have a project and you are thinking how to make it work?

We will make all your wishes come true!