Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Impregnation of the Wood 

What is impregnation?

The introduction of chemical substances into wood in order to improve its characteristics and impart new properties. 
                                     In every day life Impregnated timber is used for:
          • electricity and telephone poles
          • railway sleepers, crossings and bridge timbers
          • industrial cooling towers
          • snow fences
          • landing stages, jetties and lake and sea embankments
          • palisades and fences
          • stakes for fruit and wine-growing
          • playground equipment, carports and pergolas
          • and any purpose for which timber is exposed to the effects of the weather.

Why is the impregnation needed for constructional timber? 
  • Impregnation stabilizes dimensions, 
  • Increases strength and resistance to water, moisture, and chemicals
  • Reduces cracking
The most common methods of impregnation employ: 
  • Antiseptics, which ensure protection against wood rot and other forms of biological deterioration, 
  • Fire retardants, which prevent wood from catching fire and burning.

All the wooden elements of the construction manufactured by Frame House could be treated with a special impregnation.
We offer high quality protection for your house!

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