Friday, October 3, 2014

 History of the Timber Frame building

The techniques used in timber framing date back to Neolithic times, and have been used in many parts of the world during various periods.
The timber framing technique has historically been popular in climate zones which favour deciduous hardwood trees, such as oak. 
Its most northernmost areas are Baltic countries and southern Sweden

Anne Hvides GaardSvendborgDenmark, from 1560
Europe is full of timber-framed structures dating back hundreds of years, including manors and castles, homes and inns, whose architecture and techniques of construction have evolved over the centuries.

Historic timber-framed houses in Warwick, England
Many temples of Asia that have stood for centuries were built using timber-frame structures.
Jokhang Temple in Tibet, c. 639 AD Perhaps the world's oldest timber frame building
Some Roman carpentry preserved in anoxic layers of clay at Romano-British villa sites demonstrate that sophisticated Roman carpentry had all the necessary techniques for this construction. The earliest surviving (French) half-timbered buildings date from the 12th century.

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